10 Reasons for Investment in KONYA:

  1. Growing Exportation Capacity
    • Exportation value grew up 39 times between 2000-2023
    • 3.36 billion dollars of export in 2023
    • Exporter firms more than 3,400
    • Konya exports to more than 180 ountries
  2. Strong Industrial Infrastructure
    • 12 organized industrial zones, 2 industrial zones, 1 private industrial zone and 108 industrial sites and industrial sites
    • More than 50.000 SMEs
    • Easy adaptation to changes
  3. Young and Qualified Human Capital
    • 5 universities
    • More than 120.000 university students
    • More than 85.000 technical high school students
    • Lower cost compared to rival provinces
  4. Strategic Location
    • Center of Anatolia, ability to reach 10 million in 3 hours, 64 million in 6 hours by motorway
    • Logistics center project near Organized Industrial Zone
    • Easy access to 1,6 billion people globally
  5. Incentives, Supports and Exemptions For Industrial Investments
    • Tax exemption, land allocation, social security premium support, customs duty exemption
  6. Rich Natural Resources
    • Only primary aluminum producer in Türkiye
    • %65 of salt production in Türkiye
    • Developed casting industry
  7. Agricultural, Industrial and Commerce Center
    • Vast lands eligible for agriculture
    • Strongest exhibition center of the region
    • Leadership in crucial food products
  8. Powerful Social Capital And Collaboration Environment
    • Strong political support
    • Cooperation between NGOs, public and private institutions
    • Active trade associations
  9. Living City
    • Historic background
    • Low crime rate
    • Dense and qualified cultural activities
    • Over 3 million visitors each year
  10. Energy City
    • One of the most significant energy producing center in Türkiye with the establishment of the Karapinar Specialized Energy Industrial Zone
    • High solar radiation levels, plain wide areas
    • Potential areas to establish wind power plants
    • Biogas potential from agricultural wastes
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