Konya, the largest province of Türkiye has a considerable advantage in renewable energy resources.

In Konya there are 51 facilities with established installed power of 281 MW and the production is largely based on fossil fuels (121 MW) and solar energy (117 MW).

There are opportunities for wind energy production in the province, especially in the southern districts. The total potential for Konya in this regard is around 2.000 MW. Production licenses for 136 MW production is already in effect.

Konya is one of the most prominent region considering the its potential and current situation in solar energy sector. High radiation levels, abundance of suitable land and the high number of active firms in the sector enables Konya to have an advantage.

Having 34 active solar energy production facility, Konya is first in Türkiye. Also the first and only active energy Specialised Organised Industrial Zone is in Karapınar district. Three fields with very low alternative costs with the total area of 61.585.762 m² are already determined. Considering the radiation and sunshine hour levels, a solar energy field will produce 70% more energy than the Bavarian region, where the solar energy investments are realised the most in the world.

A tender was awarded for parts of Karapınar ESOIZ on 20th of March 2017. In the project to be realised in the coming years, a 1000 MW license is awarded providing a factory that has a production capacity of 500 MW Pv Panels/year is to be established and 10 years of R&D activities to be realised. For this, Karapınar will be the host of the largest one-plot solar energy facility in the world. The total cost of this project is estimated to be around $1.3 billion and the production will be around 1.7 billion KWh per year.


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